Injury Prevention

The body has neural, or nerve maps (learned responses), to make simple acts like walking, unconscious and automatic. Injury, one sided activities and postural stress and repetitive actions and exercise, interrupt these patterns, and produce poor movement habits, one sided bias’ and movement adaption’s, placing isolated stress on our joints and leading to vulnerabilities and injury, imbalanced muscles, joint restrictions and uneven wear and tear of our joints.

Ortho Balance teaches your body unique 3 dimensional movement abilities, and to utilise the reflex mechanisms which help facilitate effortless and efficient motion during everyday tasks. Increasing our movement quality and learning to move the whole body as one integrated unit, so that no one part ever receives an imbalanced load, reducing joint stress and leading to the health and longevity of our joints and spine.

True strength comes through integration of the whole, not isolation of the parts.


Poor movement habits and bias’ create misalignments and postural imbalances causing restrictions of bones and joints and crowding of our visceral organs housed within the skeletal structure, leading to poor function. This can manifest as restricted breathing, circulatory and lymphatic congestion, crowding of the heart, digestive and bowel disorders and many more, which over time can develop into organ (visceral) dysfunction.

During modern exercise programmes in the West, we pay little attention to our organ health, and never carry out movements with their mobility and health in mind.

Ortho Balance is designed to move your body in a natural way helping to improve the movement of the skeletal structure leading to improved organ and visceral mobility.


All high performers move naturally and gracefully, within their sport. We can see this when we look at high level performers, who seem to move effortlessly and efficiently, with no wasted movements during their performance. Developing these elusive movement qualities requires a unique approach to training. This is often misunderstood, and so rarely taught within sporting programmes. The movements of Ortho Balance offer unique skills to develop the universal principles of movement skill and efficiency, utilising neurological reflexes and movement neurology, to develop integration, power and multi directional coordination.

Understand the Master Moves of your sport.

Neurological development

When a child is born, the brain and the nervous system are disorganised. Organisation and developmental stages of learning begin immediately, through the movements of creeping, rolling, crawling, and eventually walking.

Interruptions to these stages, results in confused patterns of nerve function. Conditions such as dyslexia, Hyperkinesias, dyspraxia and poor coordination often have these underlying causes.

Movement patterns re-educate and reconnect these blockages to learning, resulting in improvements to neurology and brain activation and integration, a shift in mental attitude, confidence and concentration, essential for academic and sporting performance, new skill learning and healthy brain functioning into old age.

Age related exercise

Ortho Balance embraces the skills of natural movement principles with therapeutic and anatomical knowledge into a unique system that forms the core understanding of natural movement efficiency and skill. These qualities are essential for joint health and longevity, wellbeing and neurological development, and are achieved through a simple movement orientated practice.

“At the age of 65, myself, I have developed a simple and safe time economic movement programme, to maintain joint integration and efficient natural movement. I believe these two qualities to be the crux of joint health and age management.”
Dennis Bartram