Frequently asked questions

Why is Ortho Balance different to most modern forms of exercise and movement programmes?

Ortho Balance focuses on learning to move in a more natural and efficient way to reduce the stress on the joints and spine. Most modern forms of exercise look to do the opposite and increase the amount of stress on our joints to develop strength and size of isolated parts in order to ‘protect’ our joints.

This modern form of isolated exercise is done by training one body part at a time. This rely’s on the muscular strength of a single joint, and involves movement in linear planes, and through limited ranges of movement. This is not the way our body’s are designed to move, and by carrying out this type of exercise we literally teach our body, through heavy repetition of a specific movement, to move in limited directions, almost robotically, developing poor movement habits. It also places more stress on one joint than was ever originally intended, leading to joint wear and tear, and many painful joint conditions that we usually associate with aging, such as arthritis.

By learning to move more efficiently, we learn to use integration of the whole body to produce multidirectional movement and power, rather than strength of one isolated joint, reducing the the stress on our joints, and using minimal muscular activity to produce efficient motion. I believe this is the key to the health and longevity of our joints and spine as we age.