Frequently asked questions

Isn’t all movement natural?

Natural movement is the movement which comes natural to us, through the way we condition and train our body to move. As babies we move very naturally, and simply move as efficiently as possible utilising all our innate movement reflexes. It is only as our movements start to become regimented through schools, sitting on upright chairs instead of the floor, carrying out structured exercise programmes instead of simply moving and playing, that we begin to lose the use of these natural movement principles.

In ancient times, people’s movements continued to utilise and develop these movement reflexes through the activities of climbing, hunting, building, walking swimming and exploring their natural terrain.

In our modern day lifestyles however, through modern day jobs and exercise programmes our bodies have been conditioned in such a way as to move quite robotically, through isolation based exercise, driving and sitting for long periods and slouching on badly ergonomically designed chairs and using mobile phones for hours at a time.

Through this conditioning our bodies we are ‘teaching’ our bodies to move in a way that is not efficient, placing stress on our joints and leading to inefficient movement. By re-learning and ‘teaching’ the body the principles and reflexes of moving in an efficient way, we learn move in a way that the body was naturally designed for, which is much more protective to our joints and allows us to move more efficiently through our modern day tasks.