Frequently asked questions

How soon will I feel the benefits?

That can depend on your current physical condition and any joint or postural problems that you may have, but most people notice differences after only a few sessions of the Ortho Balance movements. Because there is no set routine, you can carry out parts of the programme that you feel most comfortable with to start, until you feel more confident.

Because we are not ‘exercising’ the joints, but simply moving them in an integrated way as well as applying principles which make the movements efficient, we never place stress on one joint in isolation.

The more you play the more benefit you will get. The movements are specifically designed to develop coordination and ‘nerve maps’ to all parts of your body, to make you move more naturally and efficiently, while gently increasing the range of motion of your joints through movement. The more you carry out this type of movement the more you will find yourself unconsciously moving in an efficient way, because it is the most efficient way for the body to move around the task.