Frequently asked questions

How did Ortho Balance develop?

Ortho Balance was developed by Dennis Bartram over many years of research on Body Alignment, Natural movement, Biotensegrity and Neuroscience, and years of guidance on natural movement principles by Dennis’ Japanese mentor Dr Masaaki Hatsumi PhD. Dennis, who started out as a remedial masseur in 1969, then went on to study Osteopathic and other body alignment techniques, such as Sacro Occipital Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, wrote a book in 1989 on a system of Breathing, Body energy balancing and mind development skills, which at the time was known as ‘Active Balance’.

Dennis also trained in karate from 1970, however when he first met Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, The 34th Grandmaster of 9 Japanese Budo Martial schools and also a Japanese Osteopath, in 1985 he was so impressed, he changed to this new method, known as Budo (Tai Jutsu). After visiting Japan annually, after applying what he was shown into his work, Dr Hatsumi, said that he would train Dennis one to one, on the principles of natural movement skill, and his ancient system of Natural body alignment, which was developed by Dennis into Amatsu Therapy.

Over 20 years of guidance and studying anatomy, Neuroscience, Biotensegrity, anthropology and natural movement skills, and applying the principles of natural movement into his hobbies of rock climbing and Ghyll scrambling, Dennis has documented these principles into a simple format for everyone to be able to use to develop movement efficiency, and natural principles into their lives. Updating his previous document of ‘Active Blance’, Ortho Balance is the culmination of this 40 years of research to help bring natural principles and their benefits back into our lives.