Frequently asked questions

How does Ortho Balance work? Is it different from other Natural movement programmes?

Unlike other natural movement programmes, Ortho Balance teaches you the principles of how to make your movement more efficient, and less stress to the body. Through utilising reflexes, and spinal movements it creates efficient motion to the limbs to make muscular activity, and stress on the joints, minimal.

Most natural movement programmes we have seen still use calisthenic based movements to strengthen the body. While these exercises seem to look more natural and free flowing than gym based machines, they still use a lot of muscular activity, which places stress on the joints.

Lots of movement programmes now incorporate crawling and climbing and more ‘Natural’ forms of movement. These movements alone however, without applying the principles of what makes them efficient movements, again, can be stressful to our body, and not develop movement efficiency.

Ortho Balance is really about making movement as little of a stress to the body as possible, to do that, we need to learn how we initiate movement, how we can use the spine and body position more efficiently to reduce the amount of muscular activity during any activity. This is the true essence of natural and efficient movement.

We tend to think that we need to use strong muscles to move us around, so we develop strength to make movement easier. In reality when we learn to move more efficiently we actually use our muscles very minimally