Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by poor movement habits?

Our movement habits are created by the movements that we carry out daily during our lives.

Most modern forms of exercise isolate particular muscles or joints to develop strength. Moving in this way actually ‘teaches’ the body to rely on strength for support, which, as more research emerges, is shown to be not the way our body naturally moves.

A lot of our activities in our modern lifestyle require us to sit for long periods, or carry out one sided repetitive movements, and this is also the case in many modern sports where one side is often dominantly used. The repetitive or postural one sided movements create postural tensions to build up in particular muscle groups of the body, but also develop movement habits of the involved joints.

Both of these types of movement develop, one sided or isolated movements of our joints, which become habits to the body, in limited directions of motion.

To produce good movement habits, we need to be regularly moving the body in all directions and on all levels, to develop the neuromuscular coordination of the whole body on both sides equally, and teach the body how to be integrated, move efficiently and not rely on strength.