Our workshops and training courses need no prerequisite and are suitable for everyone that owns a body, and wants to learn to use it more efficiently

Training and Workshops

During the 2 day workshop, we take a fresh look at human movement, and the principles of how to move in a more efficient and natural way, we explore the reflexes that govern and shape our movement behaviours, with an introduction to the spinal movement, and how tissues and structures of the body all work together to produce movement of the whole body as one integrated unit.

Dennis Bartram during a workshop
Dennis Bartram explaining Biotensegrity

With an introduction and simple explanations from Neuroscience the new science of Biotensegrity, we look beyond the old reductionist isolated model of the lever and pulley system of movement, and a new approach to integrated movement efficiency.

We will discuss human locomotion, the history of the spine, and you will learn how to develop integrative procedures to ‘teach’ your body and nervous system integrated movement patterns to make movement more efficient, with minimal use of muscular activity.

You will learn movements that develop spinal mobility and integration to produce whole body movement and power, in a way that doesn’t rely on muscle strength and leverage. Developing natural movement efficiency, to benefit everyday tasks and sporting performance, and reduce isolated stress, wear and tear, joint vulnerabilities and injuries, and to help maintain alignment and natural posture.

Dennis Bartram explaining spinal mobility

Ortho Balance for Golf

Golfers absorb some of the highest forces in any contact sport, in comparison to a runner and even a boxer. With force inertia of 8x body weight being transferred through the club during the contact phase of the swing.

Your body is your most important piece of equipment for performance and shock impact. Despite this, very few golfers understand the body mechanics, and therefore don’t train in a way that prepares their body for this impact, or the one sided rotational torsions that golf can bring if the body is not properly prepared.

Golfers spinal alignment
Dennis Bartram performing body alignment assesment

Most programmes look at training isolated parts of the body, usually with stretching and strengthening techniques, but neglect to teach the whole body to integrate and move as one unit during a technique. This integration and movement efficiency are the elusive qualities that top level athletes possess, which enable their performance to be smooth and efficient. This is often misunderstood, and so rarely taught as a training method. This kind of training requires a unique approach to movement and an understanding of how the spine and body mechanics actually function and produce power.

We look, not to improve on the ‘technique’ of your swing, but to improve your spinal dynamics, and body integration, which is the key to movement efficiency, power and the performance of your swing.

Most golfers have joint instability, or misalignments present within their body leaving them vulnerable to these impact forces, producing low back stress, golfers’ elbow, shoulder outlet syndromes, hip, knee, and foot torsions. As well as reducing ‘proprioception’, the body’s movement sense/awareness, leading to reduced accuracy and performance.

Ways to maintain alignment, integration and coordination, and to minimise the effects of these injuries will be looked at specifically.